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94.5 WLAP-FM

WLAP-AM History
By Scott Wills

WLAP-FM started out as many Class A FMs did; simulcasting their sister AM station. They did this from 6AM until 7PM during the week, and all of the time on the weekend. But during the week, at 7PM the FM broke away from the AM and broadcast "Little Bee". He was arguably the first Urban Contemporary format in Lexington, circa 1970. He would use the production console for his show, which lasted until midnight, when both stations signed off the air. Now remember, this was Class A FM at its best, glorious Monaural. Stereo, at least for WLAP, was still a few years away. After their move to the transmitter site, they installed a Harris automation system for the FM, bought a stereo generator, got a 50KW license and became a quite listened to station. Later challenges included Lou Owens adding about 400' to one of his AM towers, so that the FM could compete in the distance with WVLK-FM, and WLEX-FM. In later years, bowing to the thought that hyphenated call letters are bad, they have changed to WMXL. Personally, I think "We Let Anyone Play" is much preferable.

AM driver Gary Green on WLAP-FM in November 1987

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WLAP-FM Airchecks

WLAP-FM 1980s Automation #1
9:38 - 6779 KB

WLAP-FM 1980s Automation #2
2:57 - 2078 KB

WLAP-FM 1988 Composite
8:50 - 6213 KB

All audio is in downloadable MP3 format



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